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The touch or the version of torchlight come with 3 G Internet. If you want to download eBooks on the fly without wi - fi, the angle is not the eBook for you reader. The Amazon Kindle is the most popular eBook reader. However, there are other competitors in brands such as Kobo, Sony and Barnes and noble nook, Kindle. Then look at the pros and cons of each to help find the best eBook Reader for you. . Kindle can access the popular ePub, which can borrow e-books from their local library format. If you order books, instead wanting to buy and then find disappointing the Kindle. Corner models have a small internal memory with a capacity of approximately 240 ebook, much less, the Amazon Kindle can save around 1400. Corner models have a slot for SD card for extension of the store, which is good, because the internal memory is limited. First of all, let me say that this is not my first outings of the E-reader. I have a Sony PRS-505, which sold waiting for love died on E - Bay. It was great, a few years and loved the possibility of still lifes. In the list of its properties, is the last device, the reality is very different. After the 1.1.1 patch, has promised a patch, improvements, here are my observations: the bad: 1. battery life is difficult, and which is very exaggerated. Say, 10 days in airplane mode, be generous and maybe, I say maybe two days only, if the empty color marker, edit pages using the button instead of touching the screen, slide etc. as hypermiling recommended to shorten the device. If you choose wi - fi and free Wi - Fi and other default settings for the abolition of the screen, which is sufficient to deplete the battery quickly, which reads like an animated battery indicator. Reminds me of an old four barrel 1968 Cadillac Eldorado, 5 gallon to miglia. Just use once more. 2 must be completed. The color of the navigation screen has often the Menu buttons can result in the selection of bad element, you. They require certain functions a button or multi-directional had better change that awakens the color screen and use it to navigate. Including dating and abajo. 3. the form factor was thick and clunky. Produced almost exclusively from plastic 4. Defective software is crushed and often excessively worn. 5 free books listen to often do not download any format, missing characters, Center the text on a page, to be justified in another. Complete sentences cut or damaged, lack of pages. Note: If you buy the book format perfectly. I was actually ready on Kindle, but after reading a little more on the nook by Barnes noble & really clicked with me. Dirt of El Rincón-ws, reception, smelled smoke, consideration of the unknown and the button for pages works does not properly. Read more had posted two months of Ivy. Despite all the negative comments that I've tried has decided to buy the opportunity and the corner, because in my local B No. & I loved the look of this device and buy it, looking forward to the convenience of books more already overloaded without my libraries to add even more confusion. I read all the advantages and disadvantages of having a Kindle and the advantages and disadvantages of having an opposite corner. Angle won thanks to its versatility (EPUB format, ready for books, etc.).My corner arrived on 28 January. Since then, I've witnessed an accident and had to find a way to use the touch screen, so I can convert pages using the arrow keys. A little practice, but eventually took the last domino and has since then to take advantage of this feature. I have three books for a period of a week of reading, a personal record for me, as required for a single paperback, longer, usually of two weeks for me, I have an eBook on a LCD screen reader to read.The eInk technology is fabulous. I can't read all day (and) without eyestrain. The lyrics are very crisp on a white background. Better yet, change font size from small to large. But not only the still life with different types of characters: Amasis, Helvetica new, lightweight classic. I'm happy with Amasis II sometimes resembles Roman.My, so far, that a complaint is that they are not able to place my books into categories. For now, I am forced to Wade until I found the book that I read in my list. B n & has already sent an update is a good improvement over the old interface. While the touch interface can be a bit buggy (sometimes you must drag your finger more than once or use the arrow keys to reverse the trend),