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Go, don't stop. Even with the evidence in the Gesicht. Wer I don't understand, the letter that I have sent no doubt did not act like never before, Yes. So I think you don't have to talk to them.So that this rule is not so clear, that (Juan and great players like him, agenda) have never traded any ideas that pass through a small shop and the microphone. In any case, I bet dealer with 20 + years interested in negotiating never had little time so why should they be?You are a sort of impact and Unitindended followed the rules already people. Its classic case out of control regulation and judicial interference in the life of Menschen. Dies is always been the prob with big Gov't, of course, just get behind the ” “ not be helped.John, you're a lot, so we're still not in the same line.Marjorie, continue the good fight:-) Heres “, we the people ”! John, I went to sleep last night thinking I had lost not only my freedom of choice in trading systems, but I had also lost my freedom of expression. A bot for. I'm happy to say, Madam coverage has been accepted by the people. The message above. people of bot 0 1, left ’ I also s hope to regain my freedom of choice of trading systems if we are finally in the NFA contact persons. For me, John is a negative sell something that is not a purchase without loss. I actually did the road, the loss on sale and then lose to buy, rather than take without data loss at all. As Warren Buffett said “ 1° rule: do not make any loss. 2. standard: see rule 1. ” Will tell the story of the two accounts. One, use, protection, and now is negative. Others do not use protection and is + 10%. Therefore, there is a difference in the proportion of the net positive or negative in the end, John. . Now, if you really no difference, as you say, 'cause NFA winning “ invisible ” accounting for the consumer, so now I have accounts on the screen to display must be compatible with the NFA in excel? If, as you claim, there is no difference in the end, he loved NFA and lose all ’ 's time and money, the reprogramming. Finally and most importantly, I have a degree in mathematics and physics and went as a software engineer for the past 27 years, concentration in artificial intelligence and robotics. Now, if I understand the fix, this diarrheal English originate from NFA, ergo the average public … if you say that the new NFA rule is without protection as a mathematical system, covering not only agree in theory, but in application, as the spectacle of two accounts referenced. If you change the structure of the system, different risk system and the result is different from their sleeping habits. Also, I thought that we should illegal Forex. It would create many problems and God, it was of these traders that the economy is in trouble. Yes, not only is illegal all Stoploss illegal, but any Forex trading. Except, of course, illegal in the United States only. The rest of the world are safer. Juan attention, there are people who do not agree with the Prosecutor. In fact, I ’ I had a religious man Jesus at bureaux de change, or finding wrong. The proof is in the math test, one of the methods of argument ends. If collapses, end theory “ a proof of contradiction ”, provided by the site and see a contradiction in the system leads to a wrong conclusion, the premise. One of the great advantages of the coverage is, it's always right, with an account directly on the screen. . Test, John, you ’ like … … baby;) milestone of lex. Only this e-mail from FXCM and reads as follows: “ customers do not understand the absence of economic or financial benefits cost € sutured, which is curable? It seems like a way to give me some joypad small cut.Giovanni said: “ first time short. Not that this changes the bottom line, of course. ” you're right, that is what I said to Giovanni: Fxretracer said: John ”. which, the order came for the first time is not the point. The point is that this type of business would not be possible. It's not fair! ” John, because he stole the fire so to me? Giovanni said: “ is one of the reasons why I teach, because Ca € ™ s one of the best ways to learn. Iâ € ™ ll learn everything send € ™ s ready to teach me something new and take the time to explain it. I certainly ™ t $ knows everything and have admitted many times in this blog. I asked that I teach, but you have to tell me that you see in the picture, and then things not immediately see my attacks. When the roles were reversed, would you not frustrated? ” Jean, I'm sorry for what I've lost my patience with this thread. I to alleviate upward. However, I would like to know when and where not allowed in this thread wrong. I could see easily. Many excursions and tours.Giovanni said: “ tried to run on foot through the shops, some mistakenly granted – – to understand what was happening. I have no comment, if he had, or should have closed the long position. It was my only comment of 0.10 along with a summary of 0.15 land with a net position of 0.05 short slope. Denying this fact? You are wrong, that the reason for the money through commercial choices that had closed a net short position and things at a lower price than your net income? If so, please correct my mistakes. ” is true. It would be even more business. It is not a fact? But neither NET short course-would be a good deal that aspire has been preserved only in cases where the short is gone wrong. But the fact is that I felt more comfortable. It has 10 long, and 15 minutes. So, if the 15 was negative or I would be able to make a few long points without making trade with 10 lots or more runs or edges to stop/ect. So you think that only this kind of trade with the peasant style, which is not, but I'm not sure why you think it is so important to protect myself. This works. It gives me peace of mind too.Giovanni said: “ if he had said exactly when and where to buy and sell, and where the size, would have done anyway, but without a hedge in reality. If I'm wrong, please, teach me how I ” to hear from you, I'm sure it's true. It is not to say that I wouldn't take notes on their website, as well as my graphics. But I thought that I would like to say how it would be the same thing but better and if he could. But other than that you are a fantastic merchant a moment; Here's my best once again: is the point of coverage, I didn't know when and what to buy/sell. On the right side of the graph, find the plugs at the end. Do you want to see the fall just before this area, where candles? Then you will see the green dotted line that starts my contribution to this decline. Just before this area of sails is above the price the most and green Linien punctuated.Price action, a bit like a small model of the head and shoulders in this area. I begged lot 10 transfers directly outside the tip above, so the price upwards. Then the price under my voice for Long. Therefore, many just a short i. 15. After a pronounced fall in the candle on the right side of the chart above mentioned prices stabilize and eventually started up (right diagram seen look like candles trial) closed positions for profit. He implored. 10 point 1.3408 en masse and then shorted to several observations 1.3406 is my best guess by looking at the graph 15. Two entire professions for. Then closed an area of approximately 1.3391 25A total benefit. This is a total of three professions. With the new reg staff had a total of four stores do. It is not a fact?I really hope not mistaken someone with this description. Really relate to, something to say, because it is spoken and not say, be Missunderstood. Finally, I am not an expert or a master of a portion of Phantasie. John, I can't tell you in p & l, but it was the heat of the moment. Now I understand what you're saying. I have long closed and short. 05 past and had the same result, except that the trade, which might kill me fourth make boring, endless ways to enter complex here. But it could also closed for the profit of the short and long Indefinelty and kept waiting for the positive price return, which happened this morning the publication of comments, but this is not the point. I Perahps before will contain a long European Union sufficiently deep margin. But with the new record, you know what? The European Union much swing are broken like OANDA, if short to make at any time while the EU. He also admitted that this new reg swing trading will be more complicated. What we need more complexity. Love someone (of the Government) tell me that somehow I can act, because I'm not smart enough to know it's so expensive and they need to protect myself. At the beginning is everything to me. Even if I am wrong in my analysis here, I have to do more in addition to the stores. Is good for runners, but is not someone I can convince that it's best for me. At least not so far.Giovanni said: ” consider it now that I have again and again and again they called in these comments to someone who tells me that they do and always something more than a single œYou donâ € ™ t treatment was usually get the problem with conspiracy theories, and anything else that people who dance. Would be true or not, donâ € ™ € ™ s the functional aspect of what direction t with security and media, from € ™ s trading. good … ” tried to business partners to produce examples and evidence of how it will change, but there are a lot of questions. In fact, I thought that I wanted to make it very difficult to help with examples and evidence.If you're a conspiracy that led to the facts that I should know about this topic. I found this statement from John repellent and middle undervaluates honest efforts here in this thread. I do not have this discussion for my health, I'm doing this because I think this is what I do for my country. I just try to explain why these reg I'm interested me. The best I have ever tasted. What to do in response? ” is only on the surface and cosmetics, it really doesn't change anything. ” or “ are not affected, it only will negotiate differently. ” this is exactly my point. I did not say, as a trade. You know that idea appalling that someone another applique trade such as how to find comfortable and I have a lot of work, work hours more money, blood, sweat and tears even in some cases with security in they learn why is distributor? My first post on this topic was very well Cival. Excuse me, but with a twist and attacks, Adrian and John et at. I do not justify, we recommend protecting your dealer, or try to avoid it. I am here in this thread is just to clarify, that the cover because we're not used to being provided.? On the other hand, does not have the Gov't to protect myself against like me. This is all about. I want to thank John in my mind thinking p & l. Eventually, I see your Standpunkt. But that doesn't change the fact, now I can take much more time in a difficult position because I can not stop leaks with an opposite position, requiring no doubt learn to say another margin. I losing trade with a loss and no possibility of restoration on that unles they never a new job with new risks to give everything to be. At the beginning, still see my point?I also like the fact that keeps me block without closing the Trading position in benefits. Also I am very dismayed that I now have even more commercial.Well, I have a lot of work Abe these efforts, I hope someone out there who is. If they do, my work has been done. Adrian-hope for earlier answers you are looking for. Daniel – has “ ” forex position is guaranteed in ’ 's account can win or lose, as long as there is a hedge. The Distributor may win that loss or an account once you remove a leg of coverage (existing levels). Depending on how long the position is maintained even guarded garage might also be negative net help subject to erosion in the portfolio's value, a (albeit slowly) means. No ’ I don't think that is completely integrated with the analogy. Is this discussion going where ever, anyone that describe what I mean. Then you have to rip my stuff.This morning I long and short at the same pair was at the same time. When I had this morning a this option you want to use a wrong trade returned all morning until 1. As was the case, he was able to make money in two ways … in other words, what is the real problem, one person Doubletime wants profits in the market. And if it's hard?It is said that it will not be able to hold long and short positions at the same time in the same pair. I do it all the time. There's not much to explain.Loving ” the only difference is that this position, that portray his plate drying after step 2 under the new rules, rather than a long and short. CA € ™ s abundance is “ Show ” my plate or I will be very flat? Thus, the Declaration is Voodoo as Word and shows that it is possible to maintain the same position in the same short-and long-term.I can't imagine not knowing how, against whom a while short Favorites to take trades, how is OANDA. At OANDA if I buy 100 k and 100 k of the same pair then sell … “ includes ” position. What is pain and my ability, a location for several weeks just keep the pair for the time being, unless I want to in a profession that involves exchanging stop.?Respectfully, you know if you have changed for 20 years.I think I know of only one type of broker platforms that also use, but know how OANDA and say, this new reg any broker like OANDA. Is the perception is certainly Tatsachen. If that's true: case Closed. For Journal, OANDA is known as where traders occupy a place, their large sums of money for the long term, swing trades, is your insurance in the United States and while we are discussing here when in the long term, does not need any protection if you are against this position to act. But another runner can make or sub account to do this at any time if you have lots of money. Needless to say, this is not possible for a small distributor with a small scale, separates is too thin. I'm curious, why are you so determined to convince me that I am wrong? What is the difference? You have both these new reg … PLSE open conflict of interests, maybe for you.? I can't believe that a being second because I'm interested in them (the Government). .IM along which basically means if you try to inform the same pair at the same time ends up not being able to – your agent offsetting them against each other and not let the ’ trade. For those who trade with OANDA traders, this is not any change at all as ’ 's has always been the case. Traders with other brokers, who have admitted ” protection “ will soon change.If you're unconscious ’, NFA is the organization including a Forex broker in the United States are now, because Forex (FDM is dealer for Forex traders) gave the CFTC of regulatory authority. Is that things like minimum capital requirements for the corridor. The result is that between the CFTC and the NFA nor are Forex brokers much understand my feelings on what is called security ” known “ (cfr. Yüksel – although I admit that I love a good debate as a means to refine and improve my thoughts for improving my communication and who knew, argue for the ’ 's topic will be at that moment, this is not a case. I don't understand most of what's ’ here in this thread of the time, and I understand that part of the Exchange has been compromised in a big brother overprotective in sentiment. Maybe you ’ t all the comments here (and not ’ t blame you), but a few points about how you agree with total “ State ” and commentators I ’ vista commented on this elsewhere on the blog. These are not things I don't ever waste not, although it is true that I'm not ’ is also a contrary to the judgment or NFA. I think you might avoid many problems that were gone, so that every consumer is “ ” protection type of the argument. Had many other reasonable grounds, only the retail Forex accounts according to futures contracts, which is really a change that is not less that one is when everything is boiled.In addition to ensuring that the facts are straight, doing what I tried to do is see the people who ’ s – business decisions where they make their purchase and sale of – do not know what ’ 's defines its success. The ’ s a change from an approach to teaching the player's fire (presentation of information). They must take into account that make money not for protection, but choosing the right to buy and sell points –, i.e. ’ 's trading system or analysis, the decision is not the way of his performance, which makes your broker accounting. Should be so good. It helps to put this change in the rule behind them with the knowledge, we have the capacity to a profitable trader, regardless of whether the Broker allows the protection.For all “ know what's good for the other ”, someone there is a huge gap between the forces to do something because you believe that ’ s for them with the best and give them missing information, then you can make an informed decision. I have the energy or desire, that force people to do something, so I the best thing you can be in relation to the latter, because I think that otherwise would be wrong in my role as an educator. John, as I have said, because they are anchored in position, support Bob ’ 's commercial strategy and refuse to discuss the mechanism, which deteriorates the quality of life. You asked for examples, I gave an example. Please have the honesty to admit that the sample is mechanically and mathematically valid.His response indicates that you think a bit like the Government, which knows better what did the best to Bob Bob. Maybe I'd suggest NFA, a representative from each retailer next to them to sit and deliver real-time, any error in its strategy. Wait a minute! The Government ’ t do, can be done? No, you can ’ t. so maybe ’ is safe, whether it is prohibited only in Forex as suggested by Marjorie. In this way, that nobody could miss earnings that will be in place and a desire to not lose money, not more. What ’ s worth it, I spoke to a few of the representative of NFA dealer Expo last week. They were surprised by the aggressiveness of the response to the non-coverage rule, were surprised by the fact that there are people, don t like ’. They are responsible for the regulation and a thick skin is an employment requirement because they say that people think for themselves most of the time can pass and what not. Is ’ control view CFTC was responsible for Forex and must be taken seriously. In other words, all capital letters and threats of lawsuits are not ’ t of them be swinging their way with him.I also discovered that FXDD is not a member of NFA. As such the thing anti-cobertura ’ t apply. That's ’ for now. They are members, soon also apply to them. Marjorie – especially if you ’ have a position, the ’ risk of a margin call s, then ’ View certainly too large a position in relation to the account number (or too many commercial stations). Won t ’ a concern for sound risk management dealer be occupied.According to ” the same “ guaranteed by a business that has made the net risk position flat. This means that no position price risks – and has no risk of margin-Call. But if you like better with excellent facilities, – system that maintains blocked margin funds, another composed of additional transaction costs and allows the operator to carry negative (the coverage); or, who launched the margin used, without charge and without exposure to lead (flat). John – the ’ curious about this definition of ” insurance “. In all other areas, I think it provides a hedge protection of capital (for example, a put option), industry or market protection (e.g. a short circuit, an index ETF sector or basket of competitors) or provider (short but how much crude oil drilling). I have never heard a ’ vista “ ” hedge out completely dead-end calls market positions. The and other situations where a distributor or cut all the exposure and call it even a hedge? Sounds a lot how people react to the name, and not what actually has changed. John, Adrian, maybe ’ m misunderstanding the situation. I understand the mercantile, screenplay by Bob, once Bob is compensated by orders, market two runner commands will be nearby because they NET null — as matter and antimatter, they annihilate each other. Cancel close request, compensation can trigger as all GST long & short then? Please do not ’ t responds with a ’ is a marketplace and a ’ s an earring. The sample is available, both orders. Go to bed? Survive two orders? What is your opinion on a oebanneda € in the United States, the ability to get PositionsDaniel – my opinion is that this step by the NFA basically move more retail Forex accounts in line with all other markets? The ’ 's one uniform standard. Are actions or future if long pass and then did a close-up. You n ’ has all positions. I agree that ’ is an element of “ protect us and ” distributors ’ m not hesitate too, except that I find it a bit tacky when agents in fact promote a practical solution is your think avantage. Comme is clear enough, no ’ cover t and never. This is not ’ means new NFA rules Don ’ does not work, however. FIFO rule that requires some customization to add to these orders the liquidation of first position, join, but I see it as a little thing. However, once you bring only Forex according to stocks, futures contracts, a person more often rather than less frequently, practice, etc. otherwise, how are if insurance is not available?The assertion that he tried all the time to make, is that decision-making and commercial base insert the process execution, which, when coverage of operations, exactly as it is without cover. The cover is simply a method of accounting. It has no influence on someone's list ’. If in doubt, run a similar set of trades covered and not covered, and ’ will be in P & l will come out. While purchase and sell the same sample no matter ’ t chose, to name a few. The bottom line is the same.Think of it this way. Do your analysis and spend a lot of time. The market is 100 pips against you. Their analysis said that must cover and wait for things to change. Some time later, the market became (or do you think that ’ will be), so you have to raise the lid and turn the long screw. The market goes their way and at one point his system or analysis or signal output as you and connect to a net profit of 100 pips. Jetzt that compare with this script. Do your analysis and spend a lot of time. The market is 100 pips against you. He says that his analysis should stop there and wait for things to do. Some time later, became the market (or leave it ’ will be), so you have time still. The market will be your 200 pips and at some point of his analysis or system or anything else that gives a signal output and close a net profit of 100 pips.Tell me, what is the difference between these two scenarios. The decision-making process is exactly the same thing. Finally, P & l are exactly the same thing. . Adrian, I thought that I was here, but I read your post and I thought we could be very good closing will be on the same page. So, I decided to go further and respond.I think the reason has little Missunderstood was not complete in detail … used to talk to retailers who know the platforms that I use and how it works, sorry.Delete hope you:-). Adrian, I think only no ’ reply t. ’ Tea re absolutely right in its claims about the ability to apply the same negotiating strategy with our without obstacles. No one disputes the. N ’ t is to ensure an algebra, which sums up the lower level mechanisms, making them easier to treat and handle.? Bob is right when he says that his more complex now turned EA. Us ’ reached the same conclusion. We got the same thing, what do we do now, is far more complex. Of us who use it understand these successes and accept the idea that the highest level of abstraction for pay, enjoy protection. Like the difference between manual and automatic transmissions. Some people would rather not being obliged to work manually. Perhaps the Government should prohibit automatic transmission, because there are people giving ’ t means that the automatic transmission costs more to buy and maintain. Finally, it can get where they need to go to a transmission user manual. The only thing of freedom of choice. Distributors are allowed to choose in the open market. No, John – otherwise – need protection more than 20 years, in order to … article in obtaining ’ mentioned View – I'm sure it will be a “ theory … ” distributor or agent happened to my knowledge the kitchen ” “ inside and out. I do not know, is a company than any other brokerage firm that needs something during startup capital. Main objective is to arrive at this capital and grow – I want to be rich! It allows you to compensate for the book. In contrast to the case ’ be death ll as soon as there is more or less strong and persistent trend. Thus the largest capital has – better, of course. Capital and risk management. It also suggests a broker earns a naive life extensions only – is only a small part of their earnings. And it is naive to believe that 90% of the number of losers in Retail Forex (popular statistics) provides the gain for the 10% of good merchants (without extension). B. in Forex, commerce etc. provide wages for runners to achieve its main objective (see above). You have several options, small merchants, with the hunting practice and instruction preferred legal trick … sorry for the intelligent and talented people like Marjorie. That's cracked “ ’ game ” was looking for a way not with stops (called coverage or too superficial, or leave your position “ ” – do ’ matter). After being taken from them by supposedly to support NFA – hard to believe that the decision will be reversed – is the runner's page … … new Disspoints America. Is ’ as a single regulation NFA's most useless. You don't like to get, but you put ’ you don't have to use it. This is not ’ t Trade Forex to make sure. NFA does not, that the Forex market is not a regulated system also closed and unproductive, which regulates the futures market.Let's say ’ for the purposes of argument, that there are no security based strategies, which are profitable. NFA's test ’ would be an unfair advantage to non-US-based … Ah, I see a bloom of conspiracy theory? I know all about dealer to say “ ” protection useless. I agree in most cases protection … works fine for Muppet ” garage “ less time so bad, I admit that it is gone.I'm still hard, without cover and only to lock in profits, if I don't take a position to exit, but the gains.In other words, that I attached a little also helped. Also I'm a real noob in Commerce, only a few years. Coverage worked for me there in recent months. It may be that you learn how to trade better. It is very hard to explain, it seems to me one thing and style IMO. I see it as Meddelsome gov regs in … way I can improve, through Government disorder. I read most of the comments.Maybe the real reasons in the form of taxes, the only question that, so far, directed pas. The new rule requires first of all, first out (FIFO)-procedures, such as having cost half dollar (and tax planning capacity available) to use the accounts. Long-term jobs in the long run rather book over high earnings at the low rate of tax (one year) by limiting the risk of loss, should also increase coverage to reduce risks. Short-term (1 year <)-probably have arts the lowest percentage of profits, is the highest risk/return ratio plus taxes. Basically, you have your winner, cut the losers. It seems that the new standard will force (taxes) to sell a winner in long term gains, Yes, the “ workbook ” the broker (the ’ s on your computer, cheap shop is no economic problem for runners). It's basically the basis of financial operators, as the forces to take profits and essentially eliminated the type of long-term control, wants to act more than once a year a currency pair is reduced. Also, if you're sitting on a big winners and one is reserved in a short period of time, even as a long-term gain, the holder of the authorization, the value of the risk must remain for 30 days to reduce the tax bite. with FIFO (new article), you can trade in ’ t in the currency in the opposite direction to the protection for tax purposes. ’ s AvatarPharaoh Pharaoh Pharaoh is OfflineMaster SergeantPosts: 1, 144Join-Datum: Oct 2007Location: sunny FloridaDefault new NFA regulations and what they mean for you – 29.04.2009, 09.02 PMThe given NFA and NFA ♪ PharaohBy ’ vista probably began to hear the new NFA regulation anti-cobertura wants to impose. This can be very uncomfortable for some styles of negotiation, but don t ’ is not ready at all your money at the coast again. NFA will also benefit greatly under the same Neuregelungen. Lassen before ’ get things from Weg. Ab May 15, 2009, won the ’ cover NFA registered brokerage power t. This means that you win will have any new ’ long and short positions in the same currency pair at the same time. This allows the brokerage houses, but coverage is standard for MT4 accounts and works with other Platforms.In a long and usually open to short-term Forex trading in the same pair is stupid, but there are legitimate reasons to do so. Some EAs that hedging strategy. Some merchants (including myself) might have long-term positions in one direction and short-term trades counter-clockwise to grocery stores want to perform in the long term. In addition, if a Distributor is stupid enough to very against it with do not require running, open a safe position of the lock, the defeat against the plan to give time to the Distributor, (at least up to the cost of a change or gap widened margins available everyone else) consider leaving unpleasant decisions available. Alone, be generous, as the April 13, so our strategies to customize the month among those who allegedly announced the insurance. It's good to know that it is hoped that people in months or years, developed strategies can take and give them only 1 month. for those who want to solve, there are a number of ways. At least one agency trying to determine if the intra-day coverage can occur and who oppose on time-reversal symmetry of the positions will be closed automatically. Other runners, both within and outside the United States have left customers move to that option in one of his Filialen. Eine offshore, another option would be a second account with your broker to open and its coverage in other accounts. For those who are long-term allows shops open during short-term operations, that work well. If you are on time, would buying options while the reflection of heavy losses. For the Forex robots, making sure it would fail.Other options are € oesynthetic Hedgesa €. This means that the open transactions in pairs related, but not identical. Drag the pair EUR/USD and GBP/USD tends to be along the same lines, most of the time, if you wanted to long negotiations for a EUR/USD, GBP/USD could open briefly. The EUR/USD and USD/CHF correlate inversely so much that I wanted to make sure that an EUR/USD, USD/CHF long could open. Forex trading robots would be that this coverage will be programmed to normally.I contacted several brokers and a simple question. It happened that he had a long position in EUR/USD and then try to open a short position in what? The possibilities are: 1 ’ won t let me to open a short position. (2) positions will be cancel and my signature long exchanges. 3. items will be open, but to close the deferral of waiting times. None of the pilots were safe, but said it would soon meet to € if all goes well before May 15. In the absence of strong responses from brokerages, which certainly wasn't his idea and crawl, to find ways to cope.Until trades are needed (any suite or withdrawal), entered in the rule seems FIFO â € first of all, before anything else. If you open many long EUR/USD, then 0.8 0.5 long EUR/USD, opening briefly much lot near 0.5 EUR/USD 0.8 the first batch in EUR/USD 0.5 for a long time outdoors. you have because this is NFA? My personal theory is that they accidentally swapped for a medicine in the morning, but had instead say that in a couple of reasons. For inexperienced operators, an agent could lead to collect insurance only to propagate. Unscrupulous manager accounts could ensure open positions and later near the Center, which is expected to win as well (at least for customers, not brilliant enough current topics open positions) and collect performance royalties. Some people can be pretty stupid, guaranteed that messages I leave for long periods of time, while the exchange rate is insufficient for these reasons its balance Essen. Insgesamt. Really stupid dealer to find a way to make the margin quickly without legitimate reasons brass NFA, to open opposite positions of chi. Some people need to learn to ride a bicycle training wheels, but is the same one that requires us to have the training wheels to learn something eternal unbalanced, all of God's people. Sadly, in this period of economic turmoil, I ’ a number of traders move their brokerage accounts abroad. Most likely, are some of these brokers who scam money lenders. Few United States runner also finished some workers or dismiss workers for reduced business volume. NFA keep it! You can save a small amount of money for some fine work, and people and their money in foreign banks and brokers that are at least potentially risky.Thus, for cheap ones with NFA and begin to cry to want here is ’ contact information: email:. Adrian ” dealer must add or subtract the starting position on a first come, first served basis. ” with all my respect, everyone know that means that Adrian … we have … tests its time for you to “ pony ” above. What did Cabinet is double-speak and jargon terms fancy shmancy … me Voodoo is not impressive … can be healthy, as you know, that whole … but I really wonder if you changed some time in her life with less than 1 k. The Supportors of this reg libs to try to weaken the financial strength of the United States, are large and sour ever negotiate a micro account in their life, because I am sure. But you know, making many small fish, and that's what matters. Must crush the small fry. Like here, sitting and tell us all in so many words is stupid and has not produced any evidence, is ridiculous.Note trader Bob, onstage you or John Imeadiatly aligned with the system. “ If operators can see Bob in the future, so why not trade based on this knowledge ” or something like that … is the central axis of this reg also weaken the United States financial makes their big boys who don't like the fact that it is not the system that come and milking … as …, but I understand less than $ 100 …. “ the silence of some is that people cover all needs of tyranny. to stay ” – Jeffersonâ € Thomas I believe it is peace for our time. € A peace with honor. Neville Chamberlain “ – don∠™ t crush small boys, Ca € ™ simple very good aesthetic has been changed. ”-AdrianPsychology is an essential part of the negotiation. This means that the top of the page: me na “ € ™ t have all the time in the world, my profession of tata, why put a hedge to keep myself, hanging on the edge of the set, until I found what I want with a business. ” and “ who want to transmit, the most important point is that you, options and more time when it analyzed the lid. ” every successful trader uses a trading system which is psychologically comfortable. Same some inclinations are structurally as inherent in the spot Forex market. If a structural inherent mechanism of a market leads me to believe that they have reduced the uncertainty and risk of dealer and make cheaper on the market and, therefore, a successful entrepreneur, the Government sincerely mechanism rules should be deleted, since I use to know a threat to those who are not, given that it represents. If risk of structural means in case Government, why doesn't want rules that all cases? Finally, the goal is obvious equal results are not equal. . Please send me too. I ’ speculative profits declarations d'amour, compare and really good for the trial. Hey Hello shout outs to Bourne at home wholesale sale!!!! Blue dresses are! Blue skirts are!!!!! Adrian, you misquoteth me. Apparently you n ’ t understand if I agree, was a change in accounting. Double beads on back-end servers with the edge of the same, with opposite directly accounting for hedge accounting and I love to see the numbers go up and down and I'm happy to pay 2 cents per serving. I'm not going to pay $ 30 for a down market. OK I have. But ’ m also from …. And John Darling, I feel sorry for you, but sometimes appealing is honesty the best policy … say thank you for this thread, as ’ met great people, discussed and learned a lot! Thank you for supporting our right to direct the coverage. What is that, take protection against risk tool that is capable of supporting of contracts for options and futures trader the advantage. Contrary to your first post, there is no standardization, trade in all sectors, is a forex broker less tool such as options and futures trader. Thank you adopt our bag. But really, they need us to Tom Sexton and defeat the NFA/CFTC. But it's not ’ t is funny, they won t ’ guest to discuss on a forum like this, its policy to protect us. Just a coincidence, or a part of the architecture more deception? Thanks to this man's announcement on the points that differentiate it from Giovanni. I give to you! I've submitted to the discussion! Now, please understand! Dani. The Queen of salvation of setos. Te the same point of view on the covers, how to do it. A few years ago I discovered the Distributor's obligations of seto and this technique has saved his skin just evil.ICH a day trading EMINI s p & with a small account and have repeatedly glancing briefly to order and $ 500, then came some strange market and he breathed in my rectum to arribaNo station had a stop command to get and I am afraid, a regime of fear used waiting went on top.So remember the cover strategy and has been twice with EMINI NASDAQ contracts (not perfect but worked to protect, $ 20pro pt vs $ 50 for pt) and worked in the profession. I have on my loss of more than 1200 to 700 dollars. No embargo, a loss, but any protection Verlust. Funktioniert smelly? I say yes, if the market becomes restricted area or not going to hell in a handcart, when the trend is running.Don't be a market, you can make a fashion or others who will. Thanks John!Yes, David Stawick seen on the Web. Apparently there is ’ 's just a Secretary, an elegant name for the Secretariat. This could explain a lot. He also ’ t e-mail list. Another sign of stupidity, or worse yet, given their responsibility for public Communication. Auch, it seems that Tom Sexton a lawyer by any dealer, so maybe two people who know nothing about business, think Regeln.ICH really that Tom Sexton began the conversation, which is stupid. How many people on the possible need for Tom Sexton tell him is stupid. Personally, I think that your letter is a disgrace to their agencies and should be fired for this. Stay updated! Pony Express. Yuksel: well said. Its a sad day when someone outside the United States must show this kind of truth.I think it's incredible that no trade in professional 20 years a … what should I do then? My definition of a “ pro ” somone earns his living from Forex and is good enough to teach others and write books on the subject. Leave me alone! I even convince some people, I'm not a professional. Very nice try, but your going to convince me that Adrian's new green destination? This is the first time that don't affect me;-) I thought that something in this thread like a Pro is released. Do you know the book … and the commercial part 20 years. In addition, many Missunderstandings here. Goes hand in hand with all the Forex ” security “ topic. Every time that happens:-) John, you don't need to worry about “ coaching ” we recognize, then we are a Distributor; “ ” all big brother takes care of this for us.This comme as online Forex futures. well already, does this Forex as well, for many people; the fact that something is regulated as traditional markets.Now, thanks to the executor of NFA, I have hundreds or even thousands, opened an account in the United States have. John, see again the figures. I've been long Nett kurz. before but try.But once again his subtle attack my strategy or system or otherwise, with the words: could you close down early, instead of waiting for the benefit of short and long outgain loss. In other words: it should be better. Thanks:-) can I have your book will buy the Pope, so there is no need to change in this way; and what do you think it would be, as a genuine trader and not a stupid man, he does not Derserv to play in the sand of the elite at all with its Standerization and promote consistency. Hello! His found exactly regulated unique features that is not as beneficial to many other markets, Forex. Why give swallow pride and this helps to weaken the money only in the United States and therefore on the global financial scene? You also have reg who did not understand the magnitude of this at the beginning. There are those who have done here in this thread, before you realize more. Now in your blog, it acts as if you missed. Mr President, you are ridiculous when frustrating even funnier.Proposed in response to my account, I don't know what I'm doing (which may be true), but I wonder if everyone really does not have any knowledge that is not his superior or at least equal.At the end, but as well and all. I find the dismissal of all my honest efforts and don't forget to declare the work for me, as if they have no meaning, very disrespectful. But it's a form here. I apologize for my snarkyness. I'm surprised as always thematically to cover such a fury to power on. For me, it is very important and widespread interest in the game. You never know who can talk. John, ’ al distribuidor-Bob. Under cover: Bob uses its own coverage and to play golf and have a good time. Any stage of coverage: Bob must order buy, expect to order the door to win and then let the first Verkauf.Im pending cases may be Bob a position parallel State and play golf. In the second case, Bob is forced to put the condition of series where ’ time t in one place. This changes Bob ’ golf's plans, which are the complexity of his life. In a nutshell, has increased its stressor.For the second point, no. We Use FXDD. I can tell you, that if you placed a perfect zero network coverage at FXDD, the edge is free. If the net 0 (for example that instead of stop-loss coverage) coverage, so yes, the margin is attached, but this is no different in Lossing and loses the margin stop. N ’ t know for another runner, but this seemingly FIFO networks wing margin, but allows allows the abstraction of protection. The only fast ” “, if you want, call that double is deployed and some dealers said here many times, that want freedom by paying a double page and application of relevance, if they so wish. I know that not all of these Termsa € ¦ all I know that when I am, I said that a trade oeswinga € during several days in a row. I want that stores them, that they are in a oeswinga € by negotiation. Can I do this without coverage, OANDA is an excellent example of this Unsinn. Dass's ’ where you ’ wrong again. In any case, you can do it!John has posted a good example in his follow-up post, check it out. Anyone would be another example of trade/USD/GBP. The long-term bullish ’ 's see but a countertrend business day. It was the above rules: 1 buy 100 k USD/GBP (per region) 2. sale of 100 k USD/GBP (for current topics of countercyclical) 3. Buy 100 k USD/GBP (located near the anti-cyclical daily) for sale 4 k 100 USD/GBP (Swing) under the new rules, which would do exactly the same thing. The only difference is the location of him his plate drying after step 2 under the new rules, rather than a long and short. That's ’ it. The ’ merchant's perspective, the ’ is purely aesthetic. The ’ 's completely up to you how you, closer to its commercial rotation, then a second countercurrent Exchange, as trade and press enter or cover and then close the lid to introduce. The shops are exactly the same, exactly the same thing to your P & l. The only difference, and I think this repetition, but nobody seems to know, is that your broker's ’ will be different records. So what? When you have two different positions to keep, keep the Registry registers (any serious providers who have already).Why they close so your broker indicates as starting position? Why is this important to you? Really, I really want to ’ t understand. Finally a way to not say a person of this heat, so simple and minimal. Please! John Adrian –, IBFX, Marjorie's letter is written: “ opens a sale and purchase of the same order much much ” account. John, I know you think that you are wrong, but is the answer that we are of different brokers. Such notice of rule, declared at the start of this thread: “ ban often talked to the exercise of a profession as oehedging € €, this is ’ t say it is only a change in accounting, i.e., they want to ban the practice. And ’ runners are the new rule be interpreted. Thus, the scenario of the trader Bob does not ’ does not work. DISTRIBUIDOR-Bob placed their trades, the broker finds a sale and purchase of the couple itself, at the same time and to close the position. Has Adrian, what evidence they bring to those who think differently? Marjorie, you're the best:-) As closed, John and other side margin or asks what you're going through, I do not know … have just closed, are the seller of stupidity. For this reason do not entertain the acinine, questions what should admit always Fragen. Ich … I am very happy, good fight fight here, then select and run a server farm do not have time. I have not, it is not my case.In addition, you may need help with class action law suite on the left I KNOW:-), I think my 5 months of Commerce copies can go a long way to prove the point;-) PS I think its wonderful to see that they were still in my exact position, but on the second day and could see how it would work for me. My friend Galiant tests, which only has real traders in this thread. DB-trader Bob has in the future is about how many pips EUR/USD 50, you get the rotation and 100 pips then, then Bob falls two places many orders: one long and one short. (Ignore the time of stopping the leak, because it's not relevant to this example). The two commands are defined in open take profit at 40 pips. These two works now sits on the server and take profits without intervention in Caretta € ™ s part Bob can now do links of course, that the market under his command and has not for profit will come to you with a nice 80 pips. If Bob is convinced that the EUR/USD will rally after falling 100 50 is not ’ t distributor who buy 50 pips of profit with more (or 40 if you want to make the conservatives), then briefly and snap turns 100 pips in suspense? This increases the profits of 50% for exactly the same number and type of transactions and complexity requires more or less annoying.For the same dimension offset team, which just means they can tell your broker, if built on a EUR/USD long such as another 50 k 50 k, then, before you buy, buy 100 k, which is then sold 100 k, the sale of the last 100 k applies to rather than two accelerometer, which has already done. Otherwise released for the first time offset to start no earlier than commerce. Fxretracer – ’ not snatch t about you. Going to show something, so you can see where we came from. I ’ that is what I mean when you have the map of specific occupations, – later this morning and say, was long and short at the same Zeit. Wie for the rest of your comment:-can t ’ for those talks, but definitely ’ t for the work of the Government and ask me anxiously, that by n ’ t much what in particular offer under their weight. -Will the new reg rien à voir. I'm ambivalent, as ’ a Educatior certainly have problems with brokers to promote merchants. I call it my own sense of personal ethics. I have used for years OANDA. I know very well how they work. I ’ vista uses several other Forex brokers and other types of business. ’ me get an idea of what's ’, it may not be the current status of the broker or we can talk. ‘ Of trading essentially compensation ’ mentioned, often referred to as ’ protection – ‘ compensation, a tool a trade loser with loss of correction, with the ability to correct, restore trade with the added benefit of compensation ‘ compensation ’ can be on the Board already this used as a counter trade ’ ‘ is in the opposite direction-propagation ademásla luminairebut generally it's pretty insignificant. If the trade is not ’ t to recover, with this method, the loss can be essentially frozen and a fixed-Niveau.ICH are a bit confused, says the measure is really … if dealer trades place somehow manages to compensate for this new measure would lead, I imagine the consequences now rejected these crafts, create new danger by disabling the Distributor capacidadproteger-’ as well as the high costs of compliance reviews, ’ platforms and software products. DB – maybe ’ m I is dense, but no t ’ to see where the complexity does not govern the coverage increases. Please explain to me. If it makes sense, then ’ everything like agreement.But we have to make a point, because who approves a non-functional ’ s between risk and other differences. If the agent does not ’ NET forced into positions of t and then essentially a rapid movement. Means to open positions that you don't have to travel to a covered position, e-mail, n ’ do t in a situation of crosslinked. The ’ s to request that you have absolutely no reason to make the brokerage margin locked because you do not have any risk. Also, you're probably in a negative relationship. So, basically, is the broker in a hedge, to stay with your money and ask you, even if you don't have any risk or exposure. The ’ as the Bank does not have access to your money on your bank account and interest charge. Now may be a significant factor for active traders in the short term, but it is important to know if you re ’ held positions on paper or running different positions. A successful negotiation is very difficult, without intermediaries, which, with the plan to take your money. That's why ’ m for the new rule. Fxretracer – as a friend, I recommend for your advice and walk away. ’ tea again, just with your head against the wall to beat when his words are falling on deaf ears. I decided this thread long time out. Still I get emails and I must say I am funny. But still just another distributor.John, Adrian and are rooted in their positions and will admit ever probably at this time, no matter that one of the scenarios and evidence presented, there are valid arguments for protection.Yes, because the spirit must walk to reach-DB. Good text, Marjorie, one might also mention some other possibility, was established to protect inexperienced operators of NFA, (but ’ not sure that want to). For example, to give retailers an easy passage for a different use, 2: 1 and 5: 1. After all, this is the option for us, consumers. More options there are no longer protected!On the other hand, a friend who recently used this strategy was less than a year ~ 5 times, University Professor is contained. And acted by a very modest. And had a very nice life. His first experience with no security was pathetic … Jast. Hi, I speak with Delores Dunn ’ Michael phone number of s. I don't understand why the NFA or the CFTC have websites there are discussion forums on their websites, and this seems to explain why the NFA and CFTC are cycle in so far as the opinions of their “ customers ”. I suggest you add one now. As a software engineer I can tell you, a discussion forum, you can add a Web site in less than a day. The ’ 's are not right, because of course, I n t ’ no matter what you think. My email to Tom Sexton is connected. The offensive tone of the enamel that forgives, but the letter of Tom Sexton of NFA in David Stawick from the CFTC, which debuted on the network now, the offensive tone. Tom Sexton doesn't seem to understand algebra of traders and trading and hedging and then accused of Americans don't understand the algebra of the base of the roof. He passed the draconian rules, with absurd notions of “ ban ” cover, which is mathematically impossible and undesirable. Security has become a bad word, ironically, because the hedge funds not to protect themselves. The CFTC must stop this absurd “ ban on direct ” cover only, or you take it to the limit and only represents a business within a time limit, because mathematically, it is the only way to prohibit the hedge. A ban on live coverage ” “, described as the inexperienced operator, more damage, because I do not know how a “ indirect ” coverage and lost every penny of margin call were. The rest of us will be the restless “ indirect coverage calculated ” positions or software to buy, what to do, because this is simply stupid, “ Ave Maria cover strategy ”. Period. Unless you ’ n t lose possession as Tom Sexton to support seems to be the spirit. Tom Sexton and love are apparently not Stawick dealers and I don't understand the business. I invite you to say what should be a merchant, if you have a margin of approach, not delete their direct “ ” protection options. If the answer to ” not “, so is this stupidity that led the country to economic collapse. I believe that anyone who applies the rules on trade that have a trading account and view the results and strategy. Let ’ focus of accountability of Tom Sexton for a margin call and see what it does. You're going to lose all their money, or life, to act on another day? Do you have an alternative beyond the hedging strategy, which ’ d here propose? ’ us all waiting for King to hear it, but later said that another letter in a discussion linked below, net the NFA “ only we ’ Representaitve determined view, consumer protection in transactions with a value of no load bear is obliged to cover. ” I am not kidding. ’ 's time to parse, the. To cover the risk limit ” “. Every penny of your account in a margin call is worth losing the protection of the consumer of his “ mitigation ”. Describe Castro President Obama. I ’ that the ’ ll understand the contradiction in 2 seconds. Please pass this ridiculous regulation, forums on Web pages incorporate and identify logical solutions to any problem Tom Sexton believed ’ 's fixation with the regeneration of the community. Why I'm leaving. I think what is happening, they simply don't understand what you mean, because I always used to this little corridor.My experience is very limited.But if you say that I can not buy and sell the same pair at the same time, and then go to an elaborate explanation of this, how will I … dont understand … really I don't understand what you mean …, I know that many traders seem so passionate about … my experience with OANDA vs Favorites hedge FXDD is … if all real estate agents are now in the United States as OANDA … LOLOLOLI have a feeling had not only an idea what they're talking about, because you never had a change in your life. DB – note does not say anything about the settlement of orders, transactions, operations, routing or done anything to do with the executions. I.e. showing several contradictory positions, but the dealer has to add or remove the starting position on a first come, first served basis.The reason for the scenario of trader Bob ’ ISN t is concerned, because there is no change in the execution of the command.The reason why cover ISN t ’ is concerned, because there is an illusion of the first day and wanted to perpetuate this illusion is ’ King now in their books. That ’ this situation, as the rest of the world is if, for example, a long term position in the spy but the Affairs of the day and I hope that you want. The Distributor can keep it as a long-term position or with several different operations, even if the broker has saved only a single floating position. Real protection would buy options trader Bob, is to close and re-open the Position. Das is not doubt on the district. We ’ market vista speed of countless words and with the exception of Marjorie's confused response email ’ of CSR, none came across as Pro-cobertura where this affects their P & L or negotiating style. Please make numbers and I. John did, ’ do ’ it's time for you to pay. I do something similar to Marjorie, using different tools. Than “ ” portfolio to QuoteTracker follow the window, use who were arrested. I put the prices and sizes, what I wanted and automatically connects these stats for me. I also use this trick on the list of surveillance, outbreaks of support and resistance levels as buying ” “ so you can immediately see that one shops nearby are interesting levels. maybe find a easy way to get the same thing? As you say, ’ the mind of accounting and fact ’ is looking for tools to manage this for us.Luck. Fxretracer – however once jumping and label people as “ by the Distributor ”, aren ’ t. I ’ already shown my State and I believe that most, if not all, other commentators here are and, but this has nothing to do with. There are professionals, positions for seconds and keep it for months or even years – are practitioners of the series. Personally, I'm inclined to use positions up to weeks or months. His long-term position and go against the next short-term scenario is something that makes the operator's position in all markets. Often called trade around the base and position they do in these populations and communities where people defined as cover has never been possible to Retail Forex markets. If possible, ’ s no reason why it cannot be.For operation without coverage, is ’ 's true that ’ d you never know. Imagine this scenario. ’ Re – all trade call –, but ’ m actually to trade in his favor, but don ’ know if I ’ m with a hedge allowed mediation or not. All you know is the executions and current P & l. 'd ’ is the impact on local businesses to tell me? As I said before, is the use of the cover, the only way to stop hunting traders per day. To do this, the easiest way is to direct. John got the results of his Experimtes and claimed that he hunts stopped in the Forex trading market is … ja ja-ja!Due to this unusual duality of FX market (and the almost universal use of stops), la parada-hunting is a very common practice. While they may have a negative connotation to some readers, pursues a legitimate form of trading. There is nothing more than the art of losers in the wash. Forex-speaking, are as low slacks or little known. Similar to how can subscribe to a much less poker player able to opponents, use increases and “ buy ” grass, large speculative players (for example, investment banks, hedge funds and money Center) as a weapon in hopes of more dynamic goal for the production stations. Indeed, the practice is so common in FX, that every dealer prices are probably unaware suffer unnecessary loss of this dynamic.John – is what?Interesting, however, is the ability to leverage the unique dynamics of the Forex market. The fact that the Forex market so that leaves room for opportunistic configurations, the short-term risks of merchants.One of them – … protection make the NFA – very well erase all professional day traders, …. DB – I have a simple question. ’ tea vista does not provide any answer. More of the same “, that's ” trade ’. ’ ri tea correct, what is the problem, so I go to ll ’ this issue aside. On the other hand I ’ put a challenge. Demonstrate, allowing distributors to Bob in a situation of change ’ s cover differs from a hazard or P-Joe L-Commerce & perspectiva doing exactly the same thing at the same time and price for an account without the hedge accounting. Show me what Carpenter-Bob-’ side looking over the account balance Trader Joe, the margin requirement, P l e risk s & ’ see John, your system can operate without a condition which unfortunately exist in the system: margin call. If not for men non-speculative margin call and the result would be the same. The margin call is to force his hand, as they say in poker. You have to see. You lose. You must close the position. To stay with a hedge, have in the game. The game has failed. You can expect your ass. Time is on your side. Consider the broker, the Casino, the House, are for the most part. You are supposed to fold. The House can get the money on the table. Don't. But tell me, you don t have to bet ’, what is a margin call, you can expect the winning card.? You n ’ t, ’ folds and you don t waste your money. New NFA does not remove any protection therefore: good for the hallway of the House, not the dealer/player. If the non-volatile market, ’ t, cover tho so far, only without protection, I have a “ to ensure the stop loss of ” command for the EURUSD to $ 1.40, not pretty much any chance to have nothing, zero, ZIP, margin, or even more than what you lose ’ as d. and I have a buffer of 3,000 dollars in a batch of 10 k $. That's ’ exactly the kind of girl that I am. . If I have the risk of loss can be reduced to almost zero, I'll do it. Loss insurance is to compensate for the cost of minimal interest. What was the EURUSD near $ 1.25 and had open positions, I left the slope a hedge on the contrary requires $1,23 to ’ security is not God, $ 1.23 and $ 1.40 ’ s of the Earth for the recent, although historically EURUSD in the range of what is possible.? Sometimes I just ’ to buy and sell at the same price and each is positively, as someone described above in the discussion forum. Protection makes it easy to be so happens pass. My first mark-up, still goes. In addition, the broker sent me a bill for $ 400. I promised myself for no more than it would benefit. One is the most expensive lesson, but effective. Siddhartha. ’ me happy to see that there is still a debate organized this ongoing problem. I would like you plan on NFA would you take notes the dissatisfaction and rethink their position, but unfortunately I ’ enough, the pride of big government doesn't expect anything hard-hitting or become silent.Ask for examples of additional complexity Adrian and John. Here's a simple. Because I know they are as entrenched in their respective positions, they expect an answer after viewing the model of the “, the ’ 's stupid ”, it can also do X y and Z. Before losing the keystrokes, I repeat, I know that you can achieve the same result without coverage. My complaint is that you have removed the NFA one instrument, the level of abstraction and that ’ is set to true. Here ’ dealer: as Bob's seen in the future have some EUR/USD to 50 pips, rotation and after 100 points, then Bob falls two places many orders: one long and one short. (Ignore the time of stopping the leak, because it's not relevant to this example). The two commands are defined in open take profit at 40 pips. These two works now sits on the server and take profits without interference on Bob's part ’ Bob can now make the links course, under his command, and non-market profiles will come to you with a nice 80 PIPS. But now ’ 's 16 May and the CFTC and NFA know what better ’ good for Bob and won ’, Bob long and short at the same time allow. Bob ordered for a long time, so far so good. But when Bob ordered moving short, puff! the position will be closed. Bob can ’ t hit the links as expected. On the other hand, Bob should be in the position of the long sequence of the child until it is possible to order the Court. Bob ’ 's gradually increasing the complexity of life and the quality of life has decreased gradually. and just because the Government is “ help ”.Now, if I'm wrong with this ’ example, by all means please comment. I must say that I n t ’ understand the new rule, as it is called.I understand the part: “ requires an FDM, positions at the opening of a customer account-based entry launched to ban commercial practices in order to compensate for commonly called â € oehedging € a. This first part ’ t not understand: “ customer can however the FDM with the same size directly offset reserve, although transactions made Beaver of different sizes. ”. Does that mean the FDMS provides protection, it may, if a customer wants. Adrian – read it, and here's to you as: read b) Forex Dealer Member transactions compensation can lead to positions in customer's account to oppose, but must compensate for first-in-first out. ’ customer's request, an FDM may full-size Operations Manager, even when there are transactions over a different dimension, but the transaction against the oldest transaction of this size to compensate. Tell me, as you can guess this language, it's just a change in accounting. NFA in your ad write the rule change, it is clear that it is their intention to eliminate the practice of covering. How?, under the tongue, which passes, is not substantively modified phase distributor Bob. Ive read the jargon and tell you the truth, I assure you. I am a merchant of seto, where I was 15 to 75 per cent of Yeilds a week now collect up to about 3-5 per cent, to move the Yeilds a trend. its average Assembly called a buy-buy, drive, is named winner of business, waiting for the market to the middle of the path and viola! This market moves hundreds of seeds can tell buy the 100 PIP profit, then market tours, trade, more or less compensate for the factors that spread is 50 pips, to end differences and so. in any case, in any media, security gains and closed exit movement. Market trend can move upward or downward for weeks, but always consolidated. Secondly, it is the only one that does that not all causes of waste occurring in the United States. So, now I'm all who believe and to send money to cover negotiation now in other places. All rates is, remove market movement and Bamm, money came before a drink, no return. No security built into the seat of his pants, ask yourself if you have the most benefit, but because you never know, do you know, close your business and see some seeds of hundreds, that if you had. I ll ’ in Las Vegas, to do, now that I have for protection in another country, it is great, that smells like America. Now, stop the hedge not really impressed me much because no ’ use t in my Forex trading at all. I think only good protection for the institutions that they know what they are doing and what you should do. Ignorant traders who use the lid, I believe, be more professional ’ ‘ and I think the coverage is actually promoting many Geld. Ich personally and tell people who uses the cover as its negotiating strategy, to start a new life ’ ‘, simple traditional exchange systems is sufficient for the market.Sincerely, Dan Fxretracer – just for the record, I said, he's a Pro, makes life during the negotiation.Recheck. “ said my definition of a â € oeproa € œ is somone Live Forex and is good enough to teach others and write books on the subject. ” nothing says trade in it. Based on a definition, I have a pro account as you would, because I am a life as an analyst with Forex market Forex ” “. That's good ’. I accept this definition. ’ t not use because the entire professional trader ” “ what implications the don ’ t applies to me too and I have ’ d prefer not give people a wrong impression. Marjorie – cumulative property supports, go look. Several commercial signs are certainly true cumulative performance debate are nothing more than the sum of all kinds that do. If you have three systems in 3 counts the result must be the same, if three systems, in an account (including scope), gave this same trade Executions .comment wholesaler of fragile psychology, asking the same as a hedge of protection must not be ’ 's account, I don't see why it should be a lack of sleep and the other does not trigger. Maybe it's a matter of “ lost. ” vs “ ’ m lower. ”?. Coverage =! No more and no less. It doesnâ € ™ t matter that if a Shmoptions, Shmomodity or Comodity selling options-buy used the same currency pair secured (see above Marjorie and others).Bourn – person supports. Same currency pair offset is without a doubt the greatest coverage, leaving as the location.Let the rules of hunting! I ’ made a post that offers until Monday the conflicting evidence to – not by me, someone ’ FIS someone with 20 + years commercial coverage used – now have would be nice up with Mr. Soros and Mr. Simons (no intention to offend anyone) â € that is, I think it's not 20 + ’ t ’ view garage annila had continued success with protection. Hmmm …. For the – I guess that regulators should not ’ t protect us from our point of view. Banks and so on and so forth and then cover in the stock markets or with different instruments.? The definition of security in all areas of the financial markets certainly are not included, still very short and detail Trade Forex instrument at the same time. It should cover things like index futures stock portfolio against a bad time on the market. Is the fuse. When the operators of financial institutions rather short/long-Retail Forex have ” protection “ apply a shift in their systems, as well as the recruits of NFA.I would say that commercial success ” protection “ a zero hedge and 100% capacity, choose the right tip for your to-do and trouble making. By Todd ’ example, makes money because it decided the place briefly (remove the long) for the second time and is more than lost his original brief return. Well, I see a lot of people have the same experience that I'm talking about now. What was this rule to make more commercial and can take long term positions. Good point made much more in taxes. I thought that one. It's so easy.Taxes – what is the meaning of the world. That's exactly why they did it. Stupid I can't believe that I missed. No plot, just chasing after the politicians in its infinite wisdom has gone into extinction effort, more info on taxes to raise money.Now the time for the United States being taxed just less money in Forex. When will they ever learn?Or, better than ever experienced … the next step is to create a global tax on Forex Exchange, Lord knows urgently needed money around this new perfume worldwide, ensure the pressure to impose.Eh, maybe John and while they have the right, deserve it is not also capable of his profession, if I can do it without cover.Now I see that you … 15 pips profit daily maximum and check caps 5 PIPS in … so we can move forward 10 pips a day. In a $ 3 trillion reft walked per day, would be a bit of money in the pocket of every transaction, regardless of whether they are. Of course the great runner are far to come around, so will at the end of little details make dealers again Steuern. People like me who to test most of the tracking of wastes with a simple $ 50 will never have a prayer. Not the prohibition already did not cover derivatives activity, the. “ ” … ” will survive to reach from ”. Hi, I am from England and prayer, ’ won t spend, here and in Switzerland. Anti-Hedgeists – your score is really a laughingstock, …. The cover is the only way for a small distributor to make it profitable. Point and apart. You can release the ban on hunting stop 100% of Forex market. And this should try NFA …, Americans are not very good – all first ban on Internet games (sports betting) and cover now. Then, maybe as a whole is communism … – trade. John, you ’ King lost the point. I ’ vista has said many times that I understand ’ 's no difference in the balance of the profit and loss account, risk, etc., don't pay attention! I m ’ says the rule is the freedom of choice and increases the complexity. Understanding the principles of algebra and abstraction. We build to simplify algebraic abstractions and complexity to encapsulate that we can operate on a higher level of problems. (Or maybe it was just Adrian) Adrian and asked him for an example of how the rule increases the complexity. I provided. His answer was the first challenge of Bob ’ 's trading strategy and tired and then resumes, the same old risk feud, P & L and account balances. I ask you sincerely to be and admit that the trader Bob example increases the complexity of life and reduced quality of life again.’ I m starting to believe that ’ is s on the side, that it has scrambled the brain of all who live there. My god. The new rule of Teh is a Travisty and I think a lot of money is still the week of European Forex broker to go. More than likely I will move. Merchants, acting in different time periods? If you have a long-term business as registered and want a quick, short-term interday trading ’ will lose along the road with good positioning and stop.This rule is the shit, and signed. ). Without a doubt, of course, how to prepare See introduced this rule, because I always, until the East ” by intermediaries hedge “ that nothing is more than one way to customers of additional core with zero always use the dealer.Forex AddendumA (and future) contact told me that agent has the following comments on the new rule: cover, cannot follow but my understanding still cover the day traders on the heels or open a new position after the start of a new session, which is only done to protect an open position the previous session, in terms of … for ’ reallyWhat I'm interested in we will reign forever FIFO wanting to be transformed for NFA in place with their future orders is – I have a big problem with this.No ’ 't know if it is the one and only true overnight or not. DB-Yes, it's so good, this only, as I said, it's like talking to rocks. Is not the way, never really show, attacked my if my statement that negotiated by who knows how could he, when all was said and done. But the fact is that these guys would never be able to go to your opinion, amazing …, these distributor here think that for trade operations months followed, is not ” “. I thought that the speculators are small fish and large commercial retailers more verve and style ….Laughing out loud. I like the comparison between ” and “ lost “ ’ m ”, but … with me ’ “ m ”, you re not ’ more. Also, I like the numbers from the top down. In fact, a few months before, I had some tips in gold and has a bad $918 for sale. It was. Cover to $951. And I wonder how I saw numbers changed before my eyes into the hedge. Every day the time that I spend with my Golden trades guaranteed and know its peculiarities. Then one day came to pass. I woke up and gold had fallen to $904. Both were my hedges as profits from sales of $ 200. So I took advantage sold. Then put an extra $ 500 in the coverage I've seen, the uncertainty of measuring the risk of unhedging 2 mini lots of account of $ 1000. Then, like rubber (band) new non-State ’ s or stretched in this case maybe gold $954 and … return moved the two buy unsecured $ 945 and a modest profit without support for loss. It cost me $ 4 cost of swap, two months of fun!!!! Sometimes just a hedge is better than TV … can learn many things about the characteristics and digital effects from the observation of a hedge, graphic, even if you trade ’ n t do you want to protect in the long term. Say you und. . Then months actually had a big ego because I don't trade gold but ’ t so ’ hurt? I call this safe sex. . And then win. . I then 8 ’ Zulu trade. Then I'll be a … distributor signal providers Octopussy: Adrian o. – respectfully, ’ m letters with get and ’ conversations with broker says that you are completely wrong. I hung with FXCM. A program to move where the customer is the United Kingdom of FXCM, any coverage has already been launched. Speaking for them, as I explained in detail ” “ the following example distribuidor-Bob. The representative said that some words very well, the trader Bob ’ 's long and short orders cancel another other and Bob ’ is NET effort without P or L always his afternoon on the links. If the ’ does not affect P & L s, ’ t know what è.NFA is to eliminate the “ practice ”. That is exactly what ’ ’ drive. If you remember your position to keep and n ’ t believe what ’ m friends, I invite you to some brokers have called and questions. If after discussing with them, they are wrong, please call the NFA and tell them that no ’ t understand is the new rule. I ’ what ’ hear.WRT to pay, ’ done. ’ example of tea trader Bob. Go to see again. Bourn – ’ the Distributor decides to use the lever, not the markets. The market is only allowed the upper end. But, what does it mean? Try closing, accounting contracts of futures markets and spot forex currencies should treated anders? They are practically the same derivatives except that in particular the life of the contract. What you say is with “ no? F * cking shape ”, F * cking is used as a noun, not a verb, of course:) … … there is no difference between speculative coverage not his constant argument and ’ only a change in accounting, I would say as a mathematician ’, foro-I support the commutative property. Maybe we could go to discuss the fragile psychology Distributor, need sleep and the damn waiting around the corner, so they need certainty or tip is, say … …;) and all other side topics, different signals on behalf of trading advantages. And by the way, I added a Zulu another account trading yesterday at $ 300 last night during sleep. A trader needs to sleep. I refer to the appeal of the buckle. . The so-called judge. Robieee – if your sampling strategy used a licensed account coverage, quickly left margin, because you quickly double ’ (factorial?) more stores have opened.But on the issue of taxes, is on the way, their profits are treated. For example, gains and losses for the year to 100% at the end of the year are based on mark-to-market for futures traders in the United States. This means that you ’ n t a profit or tax loss purposes there must be a business closed its doors. Earn your comment above in the short or long term short or long, as you have a business in the future do ’ t importance, because the profits or losses are divided in a fixed ratio between the earnings of the short and long term.I'm not a ’ tax expert, but of course I want to ’ I don't know anything about the tax rules for people outside the United States. The Distributor must surely know someone with the right qualifications, tax obligations under which a strategy when it comes to love, ’ is an opportunity that won't make any difference. Compensation for TransactionsNew conformity rule requires 2-43 (b) an FDM, positions at the opening of a first-in-first base from the client's account thus prohibit practices that are commonly referred to as a oehedging € to compensate. â € that is, plain text here: “ so it banned commercial practices, commonly called â € oehedging € are a small retailer with limited money and that makes it harder for me to make money … why can not believe me? Because you and some people in your Office or don t ’ as cover or don't understand. Can you say, put more money into his account, but this is not always an option for printing is not legally people, money or even possible in the time limit for the Bank, broker market-fast. Sometimes ’ have enough time to do the cover for a margin call, or maybe you stop bleeding d ’, then I think you should like “ ” trade or Court should reject them, it may be the case. Or small businesses to build their margin, temporarily in the largest and most lost while waiting for the market to allow guaranteed ” trade “. And if the new standard against bad RSS feeds in my favor, I always find it with your ” logic “ “ ” solution and frankly stupid. Once again, only I always starts a question with “ what would you do if you are a person who is ’ 's shoes? ” only to approve the regulation, or trying to help? Let ’ i.e., the broker will tell you they get bad food ” “ if customers were sometimes re-quotes. Prohibit nourishes and riquotazioni hurt after 15 minutes.? Let's say ’ King ’ a broker and you will get a poor diet, meaning that debt of $ 5 million, for many people. However, it was a peak of power or Internet company, caused the service provider of external origin. The man goes to the bathroom, 15 minutes and are out of the market. Now I thought it would be a more appropriate response should investigate the evil ” RSS “ problem and a method for reporting and reviews and play limit. At least standard feed ” “ maybe. Compensation for the customer for a low “ ” nutrition, which might contain. I don't find any constructive consideration to write in your total and think they should be high for this fiasco. In fact, does not have ’ t even reached its goal of banning hedging activities. To do this, connect the two positions in the same account in the opposite direction, it would be an advantage and the other a loss of prohibition. And what happens if someone has a Forex option in the opposite direction, as his home and then to realize a virtual control ” “? In fact, it's a stupidity like yours, did this country capable of ’ balls went to the walls without protection to everyone in society. Without ” “ Hail Mary play during the last two minutes of play, when ’ is returned, it's just plain silly. Now, NFA is everyone else as irresponsible, like banks. Good to ban completely covered, you have a negative and a positive situation on account of carrying out of the law itself. Le ’ des monnaies d, negatively related to same account holders should be avoided. Not to be a safe account, all positions will have to lose are or have all must win. All the time. Because it can not be Guaranreed, mathematically, this means that you do not want to have a business in all user accounts must be opened at the same time. Don t ’ have someone in your Office without critical thinking skills? This is what I mean. Simply assuming that he is right, that all transactions must be penalized cover leads to the contradiction that is absurd, if the statement has to be terribly wrong. You can has not yet happened, it would not make sense to try this too, to avoid any backup. I'm just more difficult for beginners cover quickly so that may endanger equally made. If the kettle whistling, you should listen not to shoot the Messenger. I suggest, put in the skin of a dealer or the next time you think that rules of broker. Try to think of a regulation, good advice, not a bad Board. ’ tea retailer vista said in reality: it is the best, your entire margin in a panic in the market, to ensure and to lose another day of trade. Ask yourself the following, what he would do to prevent, in this case, rather than banning the Wolf Moon men. Have you ever seen show how e. Lee lost the civil war history of Robert channel? No ’ t take his Lieutenant ’ 's advice and return to fight. You must restore the direct “ ” microcontroller systems cover brokers NFA and rethink the bad food ” “ draconian solution, real estate agents and retailers ironically would have been protecting business success. Speaking of, brokers also may not cover? OMG. I ’ I'm afraid that someone like passed a draconian regulation that with so little care and you want it is no place to add “ on consumption and discussion ” anywhere on your site. Will this email is the CFTC and David Stawick and copy the name of regulation even stupid letter and Diarretic. ,,.